Academic Excellence in Secular and Judaic Studies

Our students follow a rigorous dual curriculum of Jewish and general studies courses; all graduating
students fulfill the requirements for the New York State Advanced Regents Diploma. In addition to two
required years of Spanish, students study four years of Modern Hebrew and five Judaic studies courses
each term. Students and teachers speak Hebrew in these classes using classical, Rabbinic and Modern
Hebrew texts. Enabling students to observe linguistic evolution and nuance by studying these texts
closely and critically. Our rich, multi-faceted program also includes a full complement of music, art and
elective courses.

Collaborative Learning and Culture

When faced with the prospect of learning alone, one of the great Talmudic sages said, “Learning without
a partner or death, I choose death.” As dramatic as that may sound, it accurately expresses the deep
value the Yeshivah of Flatbush community places on exploring ideas in groups, where the
accomplishments of the whole are far greater than the sum total of the individual parts.

Respect for Diverse and Divergent Ideas

One of the hallmarks of classical Jewish studies and texts is the machloket or debate. Virtually every topic is subject to multiple interpretations and understandings. The Jewish tradition of learning emphasizes the intrinsic value of mastering and appreciating the logic and value of the other’s point of

Values-Based Ethical Tradition

Our students are immersed in a formal and informal curriculum based on the premise that the journey is as important as the destination. This concept is taught and learned through both the study of classical Hebrew and Judaic texts as well as through the classical Western canon.


In a generation of constant and rapid change, we prepare students to engage the world and contribute to society by training them to challenge the status quo, solve problems creatively, and utilize the best technologies. Our school culture is one of constant improvement, dedicated to creating young innovators who will have a positive impact on the world.