About Our Unique Extra-Curricular Program

From academics to sports teams, to chesed, music and the arts, debate and limudei kodesh leshma, extra-curricular activities enrich a student’s high school experience.  We offer over 120 extracurricular and co-curricular activities.  In the Yeshivah, we encourage our students to engage in activities that promote personal growth, heighten social awareness, increase self-confidence and develop important life skills such as good sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership.  Our students discover and expand their interests and talents while participating in school and community based programs.  Through the many opportunities that Flatbush offers, students learn a “can do” approach to life and often find their future careers.  Extra-curricular commitments round out the high school experience and establish our students as responsible, caring and productive Jewish contributors to Am Yisrael and society in general.

Chess Team

Chess is a unique opportunity to exercise and display discipline, strategy and control.  Fall tryouts are followed by continuing practice throughout an intellectually rewarding season. Our chess team is highly competitive and usually victorious.  Come with a good attitude and keen mind.

College Bowl

College Bowl is a rigorously competitive interschool trivia contest that tests the depth and breadth of knowledge. The game is designed like Jeopardy, and players with quick buzzer fingers are often the strongest contributors to the team. Questions range from the latest in pop culture to the most complex calculus problems, for example: find the integral of a parametric equation with three variables.

Current Events

Four times a year students compete with their knowledge of current events. Each exam tests students’ knowledge of the latest domestic, international, science, entertainment, and sports developments. We encourage students to follow current events in all areas of interest to be a well-informed member of our community. Archon credit is offered to those who take a designated number of tests during the four years of high school.

Debate Team

Debate is a fast-paced tournament style team that competes 5-10 times a year at different schools, including one hosted at Flatbush. Our Junior Varsity team is for freshmen and sophomores; juniors and seniors participate on our Varsity team. Junior Varsity members learn how to debate, sharpen their skills, and participate in novice competitions. Varsity members polish their techniques and use their skills to compete at an even higher level.

Math Team

An exhilarating experience for the calcularian. Students on this team practice and execute the toughest of mathematics problems (such as finding the relative minimum of its endpoint as h prime approaches zero at the dx/dy interval of an irrational function graphed to a multiplicity of 5…). The greatest thrill is when team members face a particularly daunting challenge.

Math Lab

Having trouble with Algebra, Geometry or Triginometry? Do you need more practice with Pre-Calculus, Calculus or Statistics? Working on math for the SAT? ACT? Math subject test?  Did a math brain teaser stump you?  Come to the math lab to get the help you need.  The math lab is open every day during your lunch.  Teachers and student volunteers are waiting to assist you.

Mock Trial

This highly competitive team is open to juniors and seniors interested in law and trial procedures. The team is split into defense lawyers and prosecutors. Tryouts are held in the fall and those selected compete throughout the spring in a tournament run by the NY State Bar Association.

Model Congress

This activity allows junior students to role-play and interact politically in order to pass and debate legislation in a model of the American Congressional system. The team must create its own legislation and prepare to debate the legislation of others prior to the main conference which includes many other Jewish day schools from the greater Metropolitan area.

Model UN

This highly competitive team is for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who love politics. Students choose a country to represent and research that country’s interests. They then play their part at the Model UN conference by negotiating in an intense and competitive committee room. Students must work arduously to follow their nation’s interests and issues throughout the year. This program culminates in a three-day seminar at which they represent their countries in front of their peers from across the US and Canada. Students learn the arts of persuasion, compromise, diplomacy and public speaking in a competitive yet social atmosphere. Tryouts are held in the fall and the meet is held in February.

Moot Court

Moot Court gives students a hands-on experience with law. No previous knowledge of court procedures is necessary; students are given a case, a law textbook, and 15 minutes to prepare their arguments. Teams consist of three members: the lawyer, the witness and the researcher. In less than 30 minutes, students present their case, defend it and attempt to refute the opposing case. Intramurals take place with over 40 students competing for team placement.

Science Olympiads

This program is for students who enjoy science and a challenge. Whether a student’s expertise is in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, the Science Olympiad is open to all students during lunch. The contests are announced well in advance and winners’ names are posted after the scores are received.

Torah Bowl

Torah Bowl is a pressure-filled competition that tests team members on portions of the Bible. Every year the competition focuses on a different sefer in the Chumash. We try to cover the whole Chumash in 5 years. Meets take place several times a year, each requiring the in-depth learning of a different portion. The season culminates with a final meet, quizzing players on an entire book of the Chumash. If it weren’t asur to practice witchcraft [Exodus 22:1], we’d say Torah Bowl is “magical!”


WordWright Challenge for high schools, a national contest for students in grades 9-12 which encourages close reading of many different kinds of prose and poetry.  Four times per year, students are given a literary text, followed by a set of multiple-choice questions about the text.  (Recent selections have included, among others, fiction by John Updike and Eudora Welty, essays by E.B. White and Joan Didion, and poems by Richard Wilbur and Margaret Atwood.)  Because one of the purposes of the Challenge is to heighten students’ awareness of the ways in which a writer’s style shapes and shades his meaning, the questions do not only focus on comprehension but whenever possible draw students’ attention to the particular uses of language in a story, poem, or essay.


Audio-Visual Squadron

Students on AV learn skills and techniques in sound engineering, lighting control, and digitized multimedia projects through hands on experience. Talented AV members are involved in assemblies and all special projects such as the Chanukkah program, Open House, seminars and various plays.

AIPAC/ Israel Advocacy

This club raises awareness about Israel and Zionism. Students participate in conferences and learn to promote a positive image for Israel while expanding their knowledge of Israel’s political and international situations and challenges.

Book Fair

This commission collects, labels, and sells review books. The SGO has started a recycling system where they collect review books for AP’s, Regents, SAT’s and SAT II’s and sell them at discounted prices. The books can be bought in school or online through our catalog on the Flatbush website.

Book Room

Book room is a great way for students to help out in organizing the books around school. These students help distribute and collect books throughout the school year.

Choices Commission

High school is a time that can be both fun and challenging. Part of the process of getting older is learning how to make mature, healthy life decisions. The Choices Commission focuses on raising awareness about important issues that teens contend with all the time. In Choices, you get the full scoop on topics such as body image, substance use, bullying, and media. This popular commission provides participants the opportunity to take a leadership role in applying their knowledge about these real-life challenges to educate fellow students in enjoyable and creative ways.

Community Culture

Investigate different Jewish Community Cultures.  Communities include Syrians, Persians, Egyptians, Moroccans, Turks and Ashkenazim.  Explore the recipes, customs, clothing, tradition, arts and artifacts.  The club meets twice a month, where speakers will share their diverse cultures.

Confidence Commission

The mission is to inspire girls to find their inner beauty, respect themselves and others, realize their full potential, and recognize that their outer image should reflect their inner confidence, grace and beauty.  As a commission, we meet, chat and plan events.  This year we plan on organizing a mother-daughter breakfast, book club, fashion show and discussion groups.

Create. Publish. Donate

This commission is for writers who enjoy writing children’s books. Our writers will write their very own children’s book, illustrate it, publish it and then donate it to a local hospital. Students get to learn how to use their creativity and literary talents to enhance the lives of others.

Crochet Club

The Crochet Club makes hats, scarves, blankets, neck warmers and other garments for people in need.  The goods are donated to local organizations, Maimonides Hospital, homeless shelters and in Israel through the chesed mission.  The club is open to those who know how to crochet and those who want to learn.   Each item completed earns community service hours.

Crossword Club

Copies of the New York Times crossword puzzles are available at the Guard’s desk every day so students can exercise their brains and increase their vocabulary.

EKO Commission

The EKO (K for kosher!) Commission, is committed to connecting Jewish life with improving our environmental footprint.  Students in this commission try to figure out ways to help improve the environment; from recycling to cleaning up beaches. Students from EKO participate in Green Day, a program where students learn ways to preserve and protect Mother Earth.

Greco – Roman Club

The rush through the streets of N.Y. is famous worldwide.  Yet if any of the millions of people pounding the pavement stopped for a moment and looked around them, they would be confronted by the reach of the Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization.  N.Y. is replete with examples of the influence of the Ancient world.  In this club we will discuss the origins of culture which so influenced our physical society and then visit examples throughout our beautiful city.

Hebrew Commission

The Hebrew Commission’s goal is to enrich the Hebrew language experience of students through fun activities that expand oral and written expressions. Students in the commission contribute to Imrei Shefer, the school’s Hebrew language publication, and help coordinate Hebrew Week in the school.

Horticulture Commission

The  Horticulture Commission seeks to beautify the school grounds and provide students with the opportunity to learn horticultural principles and techniques in a hands-on setting in which students grow and tend to both edible and inedible flora for student, faculty, and outsider enjoyment.

Library Squad

Be a member of the creative library team! Help us generate publicity for library programs, conduct annual library surveys, become A/V equipment inventory manager, write book reviews or other articles for Booktalk, the library newsletter. Participate in Read Aloud @ the Library, help maintain an orderly and attractive library media center, and create your own library window display.

Lunch N’ Lit

Read any good books lately? Well, here’s your chance to read some stimulating and enjoyable books, and discuss them with your fellow students. Meetings take place twice monthly during lunch. There are separate sessions for Freshman/Sophomores and Juniors/Seniors.

PR Committee

Everyone knows that the best way to get people involved is to ADVERTISE!! Public relations are a crucial part of every successful program, and since we want every SGO program to be a success, we need student creativity to promote them. Committee members are involved in making signs and publicizing SGO events ranging from a battle of the bands to an election party.

Trips Commission

This group works with the SGO in planning and organizing all SGO trips, ranging from Broadway shows to sports games. This program requires a lot of time and effort, but is well-worth it when everyone has a good time together.

Wellness Group for Girls  

The Wellness group is a group of Junior and Senior girls that dedicate themselves to learning about how to live healthy lifestyles. The group meets on a bi-weekly basis and discusses issues such as confidence, healthy eating, exercising, peer pressure, and how experiences in the arts have a positive impact on one’s life. Each year the group commits to a big project together which range from art shows to leading yoga classes to camping trips.

Commission Fair

The commission fair is probably one of the most important events of the entire year. At this fair all the commissions and clubs in the school are on display and all eligible students can sign up. Additionally, if anyone wants to start up a new commission this is the perfect opportunity to recruit and build up their commission. The fair is also a lot of fun real as students go and collect different commission stickers.

Create Your Own Library

Each month, one student has the privilege of displaying some of their favorite books in the library’s window, along with their name, class, optional photo and a short introduction.

Elective Fair

The Elective Fair a place where students can discover more information about the different electives that the school offers. This is helpful to sophomores and juniors who are unsure what electives to take in their upcoming year. It allows them to talk to students currently taking each elective and get a better idea of what classes they want to be taking.

Green Day

Green day is a day put together by the EKO Commission with two goals in mind. The first is to educate the student body about dangers to the environment and how we can make a difference. The day is an attempt to get students to embrace the EKO axiom, “think globally, act locally”. The second purpose of this day is to show how the Torah want us to go green-and might even be considered the first “Green Book”. The day includes fun rikkudim, inspirational speeches and usually coincides with Tu’ Beshvat, the Jewish ‘New Year for the Trees’.

Junior Picnic

Junior Picnic is one of the best days of junior year. Of course behind the scenes of this wonderful event are many hard-working individuals. The weather is always great and the sports are awesome. The untiring efforts of the Senior Council and many others make this event unifying and unforgettable.

Open House

Students help organize and participate in the annual Open House held to introduce eighth grade students and their parents to the Yeshivah. Additionally, a mini commission fair takes place at the end of the Open House to give eighth grade students a chance to learn about all the commissions and clubs the school has to offer.

Reaching Out

Reaching Out raises awareness about issues relating to social activism, specifically about homelessness culminating in at least one lobbying experience.  Not only do attendees hear speakers with varying viewpoints, but also discuss important topics, and take the opportunity to get involved in solving these issues.  The program is open to sophomores, juniors and select freshmen.

Celebrate Israel Parade

Every year our school participates in the Celebrate Israel Parade. Students can help build or paint our presentation artwork, march with flags, or learn a dance to be performed at the parade. Students get to help the school, have fun and at the same time show support for Israel.

Yom Ha’Atzmaut

This commission enhances our annual experience in celebrating the independence of our Jewish homeland, Medinat Yisrael. Work includes participating in the ceremony, collecting pictures, and setting up the auditorium and hallway exhibits.

Yom HaShoah

Students in this commission ensure that all the students in the school properly remember the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust. Students help set up the incredible photo display as well as participate in the powerful performance put on annually at our Yom HaShoah assembly.

Yom Hazikaron

The Yom Hazikaron assembly is presented every year on the 4 of Iyar, a day before Yom Ha’Atzmaut. Its purpose is to let the students and teachers spend more time reflecting on and paying respect to the soldiers who gave their lives to defend the Jewish State as well as victims of terror. The program includes songs, narratives, slides, and honor guards. There is also a special commemorative display in the lobby.  Responsibilities include singing or reading aloud for the program, setting up the lobby display or acting as honor guards.

Israel Activism

The central goal of this commission is to educate students about Israel and to help Israel through a variety of projects such as student advocacy activities and fund-raisers on behalf of our beloved State. Its members also coordinate mass writing campaigns and visits to Congress and the White House to persuade officials in our government to assist and support Israel. During these challenging times it is very important that we show our solidarity with the State of Israel.


The definition of “chilling out” is eating pizza on a Thursday night with Rabbi Rosenblum. Mishmar is the perfect place to hang out with friends and enjoy a little bit of learning too! Every Thursday, after school, students enjoy pizza while discussing the Parasha and other Jewish topics.

Peer Tutoring

Students tutor each other in subjects from Halakhah, to Chemistry and everything in between. For example, a Senior can help a Freshman conquer the complexities of Biology, an honors and non-honor student review Talmud and a non-honors student can assist an honors student with Spanish. Peer tutors receive community service or Archon credit.


During both lunch periods, Monday through Thursday, tutors are available to help students study for any subject.  Students can sign up to be a tutor during their lunch and students are welcome to stop by during their lunch and get answers and explanation in any subject.  Archon credit is available for tutors.

Science Research

This program is for students who have a passion for science and want to develop skills that will enable them to participate in a variety of competitions. Students meet once a week to experiment and learn outside of the classroom; they work with a mentor for serious science exploration.

Sunday Morning Learning

Sunday Morning Learning is a program designed for the extended Yeshivah of Flatbush family where alumni, parents, and students can come together and learn Torah l’shma on various Sunday mornings throughout the year. After minyan in the morning, a delicious breakfast buffet is served to all. Learning b’chevruta and shiurim by a guest teacher rounds out the morning. It is a unique experience for the whole family and is definitely not to be missed.

My Flatbush Life

On this website we showcase some of the amazing things going on in the Yeshivah – both inside and outside of the classroom,  including written accounts as well as pictures and videos from some of the special events happening in the Yeshivah. From our famous student productions, to chesed events and activities, to our competitive award winning sports and academic teams, there is always something wonderful going on. We also showcase the innovative projects that make the classroom experience more engaging and relevant to our students. We hope to share with the entire Flatbush community (students, faculty, parents, families, and alumni) as well as the entire online community what it is like to experience Flatbush, or what our students call it - My Flatbush Life.

Pegasus, The Literary & Arts Magazine

Our award-winning literary and arts magazine is published once a year and is completely written, created and published by the students themselves. Students can choose to take part in Pegasus as a writer, artist, graphic designer for layout, or with a leadership position as editor during the Senior year, or all the above! This publication has been recognized in national competition since the multimedia format was initiated.

The Phoenix  

The Phoenix is the school newspaper for Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School. Written entirely by students, it is published several times per year. Each issue features in-depth reporting on school news, upcoming events, sports, entertainment, divrei Torah and more. Contributing to The Phoenix helps students hone their writing, editorial and organizational skills. The Phoenix gives students the opportunity to voice their opinions maturely in an appropriate forum and showcase their writing, all under the guidance of an experienced professional journalist.


The senior staff of Summit, the Yeshivah of Flatbush yearbook, is comprised of many dedicated students who work diligently to give their classmates tangible memories of high school when they leave good ol’ 1609 Ave. J.

Fire Squad

This squad is vital to the school. Students help guide their fellow classmates out of the building to safety in the event of a fire or other emergency. The ability to think on one’s feet as well as the ability to follow and give instructions are key qualities necessary for members of this elite unit.

Heritage Trip to Poland

This is a once in a lifetime trip for select seniors to appreciate the lives of European Jews in the pre-Holocaust era as well as to understand firsthand the devastation of the Shoah.

Senior Choir

A choir composed strictly of seniors; the Senior Choir performs at the annual Archon assembly, Senior Dinner, and graduation.

Senior Melave Malka

This Melave Malka is held annually toward the end of senior year. Students pack into the gym on a Saturday night for food and fun. Senior council and student volunteers help make this night a huge success.

Senior Mentor Program

Seniors are selected to be mentors after completing an extensive application/screening process. Each mentor guides several freshmen students throughout the year. The goal is to help these students have a successful transition to high school with specific focus on academic, extracurricular, and social adjustments.

Senior Ski Trip

This is an unbelievable experience that no senior should miss. Sharing two days on the slopes of Vermont with your best friends is by far the best kind of quality time. Whether students know how to ski or not they will have the most amazing time of their lives.

Sephardic Heritage Trip

Ms. Wielgus, Jewish History Chairperson, organizes a trip for seniors to Spain and Portugal.  Exploring historic cities and Jewish life in Spain, Morocco and Gibraltar.

Class President

Students in each class vote for one student to represent their class. The student is responsible for scheduling changes when a teacher is absent, meeting with teachers about test dates, and other leadership responsibilities. The student also sits in on Student Senate meetings about school issues. Class presidents are also involved in planning SGO events.

Senior Council

The Senior Council represents the senior grade and does everything possible to make their last year at Flatbush the most memorable. They succeed in this task by coordinating special activities as well as the annual Junior Picnic, Senior Day, Senior Dinner and Senior Trip. The Senior Council often goes above and beyond the call of duty in serving the senior grade.


The Student Government Organization is a group of elected seniors who represent the student body and plan, coordinate and run programs for the students. There are four positions in the government-modeled organization: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Election week is always one of the most heated times of the year in Flatbush. Posters adorn the walls and free bookmarks are handed out to advertise for the candidates. Candidates must remember that “With great power comes great responsibility.”