At Yeshivah of Flatbush, you can be a star!  Whether you are performing on stage or with a musical group, working on the scenery for the Jason Botnick Memorial Hebrew Play, entertaining with the Traveling Troupe or having your art work showcased at our Evening of the Arts, there is a role for every student.

Flatbush offers a comprehensive array of programs and courses in the arts. Every student is provided with a foundation in music, art and design in the freshman and sophomore years. Students may elect to pursue additional studies and college level course work during their junior and senior years in: music theory, art history, studio arts, graphic arts, photography and drama.

A variety of musical and dramatic productions are put on in Hebrew and English over the course of the year.  Students also have the opportunity to join one of our choral or orchestral groups, or perform with one of our student led groups.

Witness Theater

Witness Theater is a unique program that brings together Flatbush seniors and Holocaust survivors through a partnership with Selfhelp Community Services. The year long project connects the hearts and minds of the participants through an inter-generational collaborative journey. It culminates in a production of the survivors’ stories performed by the entire group on Yom Hashoah for the public and the Yeshivah’s students and faculty.

Advanced Studio Art

Advanced Studio Art is a course that enables students to refine their formal art skills such as: color theory, composition, the rendering of light and shadow as well as systems of perspective.  In addition, each student is directed toward a process of technical and conceptual exploration that ultimately leads to an expressive visual vocabulary. Work created in this course is of sufficient quality and complexity to be used in a college admission’s portfolio.

Hebrew Play

The Jason Botnick Memorial Hebrew play is one of the artistic highlights of the school year which takes place during Chanukah. Open to students from all grades and talents, the annual musical conducted exclusively in Hebrew, is a blast to watch and even more fun and fulfilling for the students who are in the cast, work on scenery, costumes and makeup. Rehearsals build skills not only in acting and Hebrew speaking and singing, but also in collaboration and creating lasting friendships. Past productions include Joseph, The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin and Peter Pan and Little Shop of Horrors 


Not only is our school well known for its fantastic education, but also it is quite popular throughout the metropolitan area for its choir that performs on Chanukah, Yom HaShoah, and Yom Ha’Atzmaut. Some of the fondest alumni memories of Flatbush are of the choir singing in perfect harmony. Having so many voices’ singing in harmony, in unison and on key is an incredible feat, and our talented choir succeeds every time.

Chamber Choir

This elite choir which is known throughout the world. Our Choir has become a true landmark at the Yeshivah of Flatbush. Students must be exceptionally talented and ready to work with weekly practices and serious choral study. There are several performances throughout the year, both in and out of the Yeshivah.


The Orchestra gives Flatbush students the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their instrumental musical talents. The orchestra performs at many school programs and special occasions, including on Chanukah, Yom Ha’Atzmaut, and at Archon, Arista and graduation ceremonies.

Drama Troupe

Each year the Troupe performs a musical or drama play and another one act play for the whole student body. Students can be involved in all aspects of production, both on stage and backstage. Whether it’s working on lines or working on set construction and costume design, every student is guaranteed to have an exhilarating experience.

Traveling Troupe

The Traveling Troupe celebrates the joy of music, dance, and drama performance with warm and eager elders and nursing home patients.  Students give on monthly performances at elder care facilities, which not only gives students the opportunity to do chesed by visiting the elderly but also gives them a chance to showcase their musical and artistic talents.  This program, sponsored by Victoria and Jack Aini, provides a moving experience for both audience members and members of the troupe.

Jewish Poetry Slam

Students join this group because they have a real passion for poetry. Our poets get the unique opportunity to travel to other Jewish high schools for poetry slam competitions. At these slams, poets perform their own work according to the theme of the slam and awards are given to the top poets. At school meetings, students learn how to improve their own poetry and also watch videos and gain tips from professional poets on how to both write and perform their creative work.

Evening of the Arts

“Evening of the Arts” showcases the extraordinary talents of students, faculty and alumni in the performing, visual and graphic arts. The musical numbers performed by the orchestra, choir, and solo acts range from pop to standards to classical music, actors offer scenes from Broadway plays and interpretations of original student work: Artists have their own venue with art exhibits including painting, drawings, sculpture, graphic design and photography as well as an art gallery of interesting and evocative student work.  Students work with our dedicated faculty to fully develop and realize their amazing talents.